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A few years ago, Theresa and I had started whaletrips.org, originally mainly for ourselves, in preparation for a longer whale related trip: our whale trip. Over the years now, all this has grown a little bit, and today whaletrips.org has become a great help for quite a lot people in planning and preparing their very own whale trip all over the world. With our whale notebooks available in this shop, we now hope to make your whale trip even more beautiful and special. Because a whale trip should be something special. Something you hopefully will remember for the rest of your life.

»So at some point Theresa said that we need some beautiful notebooks for the next whale trip. With whales on it. And whales inside. And everything you would need for a great whale trip. So we made some.«


On our travels Theresa and I usually write a little diary. Only briefly, just what was going on and what went through our heads. Theresa's notes are usually a bit more structured, mine are rather disordered notes and thoughts. Back home we are always glad that we wrote down a bit on the way. So much is happening, things become blurred or even forgotten. Photos are great, but they're not enough. Like the whole website at the very beginning, we made our notebooks mainly for ourselves (Theresa is with the Travel Notes, I'm with the Notes). But just to be on the safe side we printed some more. And we hope you like them as much as we do. Safe travels and have a whale of a time!

Theresa & Oliver
Summer 2019


Our notebooks: available in five great colours.



The notebook for all situations – whether travelling or at home, university, work or in a café. A timeless and elegant place for your thoughts, observations and memories.

Travel Notes

The ideal companion for your next whale watching trip: the most important whale information for on the go with plenty of room for your own observations and memories.