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The ideal companion for your next whale watching trip: the most important whale information for on the go with plenty of room for your own observations and memories. Donation to the protection of whales included! Just choose your color and order now:

Delivery time: GER 3-4 days | EU 5-7 days | Rest 10-14 days

15 x 21 cm (A5)
52 (34 writable)
300g, Gmund Colors
Paper Inside
100g, Munken Pure Rough

The Travel Notes: elegant design with cover embossing, thread stitching, cover flap and rounded corners. The ideal notebook for your next whale trip!

All the whale information for on the go

Your every day essential

Sustainable and locally produced

We donate to the protection of whales


Simple and compact: your every day essential

Three short sections that are always needed when travelling: What have we done? What have we seen? And what did we learn? So you can quickly and easily capture the most important moments of your journey day after day. In addition, every ten days you have an extra page for timeless thoughts and observations. Treasure the most beautiful memories from your trip with TRAVEL NOTES.

Choose your colour and order now!Choose your colour and order now!

Just the information you really need for whale watching: What can you see above water and from which whale? What is the best way to recognize and distinguish the different whales? And which behaviour should you pay attention to? All important information about the most interesting whales – with space for your own observations and notes. Our TRAVEL NOTES are ideal for preparation and an optimal supplement to the explanations from your guide on board.

Choose your colour and order now!Choose your colour and order now!

Always with you: all the whale information, you really need on the way


For unforgettable moments, that will last a lifetime

High quality, timeless, elegant – our notebooks are made to capture your most beautiful moments, which you want to remember forever. For the cover, we decided on the great Gmund paper from Tegernsee – one of the finest fine papers in the world. By using Munken Pure Rough for the inside, we made sure that the paper not only feels great and valuable, but that it can also be written on without smudging. All TRAVEL NOTES are offset printed, embossed with thread stitched binding. Finally, the back cover page is provided with a flap where you can store your tickets and cards.

Choose your colour and order now!Choose your colour and order now!


One Euro from each purchase will be donated to our friends at Whale & Dolphin Conservation, who have been working for many years towards a world where whales and dolphins can live in freedom and security. If you would like to support WDC beyond your purchase, you can do so by adopting a whale or dolphin – we ourselves are happy Orca adopters for a few years now.

Choose your colour and order now!Choose your colour and order now!

One Euro per purchase: We donate to the protection of whales


The TRAVEL NOTES are produced directly in Munich and will be posted immediately after your order. Both our printing company and our paper suppliers are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly production, which is constantly being improved (for more information click here, here and here). All papers used are FSC and FSC, PEFC and EU-Ecolabel certified.

Choose your colour and order now!Choose your colour and order now!

Sustainable and locally produced. And very soon with you

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The notebook for all situations – whether travelling or at home, university, work or in a café. A timeless and elegant place for your thoughts, observations and memories.

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